About Us

Orphans and Needy Smile Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, charity and volunteer organization registered under the Ghana Registrar General’s office on the 12th of October 2010. The organization targets needy children, especially orphans and vulnerable ones in deprived and underserved communities.  Even though Christina by status, the organization’s services are open to all children without regard to color, creed, sex or sexual orientation, ethnicity or literacy status.

OANSF is governed by a five-member Board of Directors that serves as the highest decision-making unit of the organization. It facilitates policies that guide the organization’s operations in such a manner that it does not conflict in any way with national or international standards.

To become one of the world biggest foundations that provide support for orphans, the needy, destitute, disables and the vulnerable in life.

Creating a world where orphans, the needy, destitute and all vulnerable people can find meaning to their lives and realize their full potential. So then building homes, providing education, food, clothing and all the basic needs for a happy and meaningful life

OANSF which has a strong passion for helping alleviate poverty, pressures, hardships and all the associated dishearten conditions orphans and the vulnerable in society go through in life. It was founded on the 12th of October, 2010. It is fully and legally registered under the business registry code of Ghana with registration number…….The organization has three Board of Directors who are of high social status.

Orphans and Needy Smile Foundation has the aim of supporting orphanage homes with financial aid, clothing, food and other necessities of life to help solve the problem of acute shortages and complaints of inadequacy in the homes. We hope to also build our own homes (which has begun) to bring in orphans who have no places to live. This will go a long way to help these orphans get a good life. In view of this, we hope to address issues of poverty alleviation, hunger, diseases, malnutrition among other hardships orphans and the vulnerable go through.

We provide funding support for the education of these orphans and the needy. Widows, disables and the vulnerable in society are not left out in this vision of ours. Job creation for the youth is one of the areas which we are also directing our effort by providing skills training to help equip the youth in order to help sustain them. Our organization is always being called upon by various towns and surrounding villages to come and establish offices in their towns. Currently, we have opened new offices at Tepa and Mankranso all in the Ashanti region. We already have an office in Kumasi and Accra.

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